Editorial Procedures and Peer-Review

Following submission of manuscript, the editors begin the peer review process. The first stage is an evaluation of the manuscript in the editorial board that will assess the compliance with the editing requirements and ethical standards of the Journal. Manuscripts that do not meet Journal’s criteria will be rejected prior peer review. In this stage the manuscript will be sent to the Managing Editor and/or Chief Editor who will assess the scientific value of the manuscript and the compliance with the Journal’s topics. Any rejection decision at this stage will be verified by the Chief Editor or the Managing Editor and will not represent a peer review of the work.
After having passed first evaluation, the article will be sent to two independent reviewers that will conduct a blind review. 

Editorial decision
Within 1-2 months following submission authors will receive a reply from the editors in regard to the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. This reply can consist in:
Accept – the manuscript is accepted without any modification concerning scientific or methodological matters.
Accept with minor revisions – the acceptance of the manuscript will depend on minor revisions suggested by the reviewers. Authors are to make these modifications within two weeks following reception of notice.
Reconsider after major revisions – the acceptance of the manuscript will depend on major revisions suggested by the reviewers. In this case the author must revise point by point the reviewer’s comments and resubmit. The article will be subjected to another peer-review process.
Reject – in this case the author is to completely revise the document and resubmit the manuscript which will be subjected to the whole process of editorial procedures and peer-review.