Volume 19/2023 Special Number

The EU Foreign Policy and Security Dilemmas in a Challenging World

Dr Mihaela Natea, Dr Simion Costea, Coord.

 Special number – proceedings of the International Conference Redefining European Security in a Post COVID-19 World 

Dr. Leila NICOLAS, How Can the Future of the Middle East Affect European Security?

Dr Shariful ISLAM, Understanding Bangladesh-EU Relations: From Aid Dependence to Economic Partnership

Cristina MORARI, EU’S Role in Its Eastern Neighborhood Transformation

Dr Radu CARP, The European Model of National Minorities Protection in the Case of Ukraine – Romania as a Kin-State

Natalia BÎRLĂDEANU, EU – Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. Their power relations.

Dr Nicolae PLOEȘTEANU, Raul MIRON, The Cold Security World War: A New Approach to the Conflict in Ukraine and the Implications for the Security of the European Union

Dr Veronica ZAHARAGIU, Voices at War. Can Cultural Diplomacy Bridge Back Communication?

Alexandru DOROSEVICI-DUKA, Information Security in The Republic Of Moldova in The Context of Hybrid Threats

Dr Mihaela Daciana NATEA, From Democratic Culture to Security Culture, and Now Resilience. Are They Different in Building Competences to Combat Disinformation?

Xenophobia, Radicalisation and Disinformation Impact over the EU

Cristina EJOVA, Phenomena of Radicalism, Extremism, and Terrorism: Conceptual-Theoretical Landmarks

Dr. Gabriela GOUDENHOOFT, Xenophobia and Alienation. Apprehensions on the Integration of Migrants and Refugees

Stela SPÎNU, The Impact of Ethnocentrism on the Communication of Young People in a Multicultural Environment

Ilie Florin CEUȘAN, European Union Policies and Strategies to Counter Russian Propaganda and Disinformation

Margareta BELTEI, Multiculturalism and Political Correctness: Theoretical-Conceptual Aspects

Letters to the editor

Andrei GUȚU, Transnistria and the War in Ukraine – 31 Years of Active Separatism

Thomas IRENEUSZ, Polish Social Security in the Aftermath of COVID-19 

Volume 17/2021


EU Universities

Colin SWATRIDGE, Was Erasmus Altogether Too European?, pp. 16-21

EU legal framework, internal and external policies

Dioleen HUNDT, Finland and the European Union, pp. 22-28

Teele NÄSSI, EU external relations with Africa, pp. 56-43

Katrin VIRGEBAU, External relations between EU and China, pp.64-70

NATO, Turkey and Kremlin in international context

Global issues

Anis H. BAJREKTAREVIC, Carlos López-Veraza PÉREZ, Palermo Treaty System. Towards the Universal Criminal Justice. 20 Years After, pp. 108-138

Book reviews

Mihaela Daciana NATEA: “Corruption and combating the phenomenon by means of criminal law and criminal procedure” by Dr. Aurelian Sabau Pop, Universul Juridic Publishing House, 2010 pp. 186-187

Volume 15/2019

Daryna KOSINOVA – The legal nature of the franchise agreement  (comparative-legal analysis) pp. 1 – 8

Ashley PARDBUCK – Brexit and the future of the European Union pp. 9-15

Iwejuo Uche KINGSLEY – Right to Self Determination in Globalization Era.  pp. 57-63

Review: Simion COSTEA –  Mihaela Daciana (NATEA) BOLOȘ, Trademarks and Geographical Indications in the International Relations System ((in Romanian “Mărcile şi indicaţiile geografice în sistemul relaţiilor internaţionale”) p. 114

Volume 6/2012

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